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 Brianna Janae Ortiz is one of the main characters in Meet The Browns. She is the biological daughter of Tanya Ortiz, the older sister of Joaquin Ortiz, and the adoptive daughter of Will and Sasha Brown. She is currently played by Logan Browning.


Brianna is a foster child who came from a dysfunctional family and an unsafe foster environment. Prior to staying with the Browns, her mother was a drug addict and in jail. Tanya did not take care of Brianna and Joaquin properly and is either in denial or ignoring the fact that Brianna was molested by one of Tanya's former boyfriends. It is hinted that she was abused by her mother in Meet Mommy Dearest when Tanya threatens to "give her a beating." Her biological father is a Puerto Rican man who has never been seen or mentioned on the show other than in Meet Mommy Dearest. She and her younger brother have been in and out of foster care so they both know the foster care system very well.

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