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 Brianna Janae Ortiz is one of the main characters in Meet The Browns. She is the biological daughter of Tanya Ortiz, the older sister of Joaquin Ortiz, and the adoptive daughter of Will and Sasha Brown. She is currently played by Logan Browning.

Dear Brianna Brown Ortiz my name is Briana Jackson I am 15 I need to something to ask you before is too late I will go head to say it I am your mother adoptive mother and Joaquin too

Brianna Brown Ortiz and Joaquin Brown Ortiz I wanted you guys to come over to your mother adoptivemother house pack your bags and stuff get ready for too see your adoptive mother I wanted you guys to walk in the street and I live at 437 blossom lane Bolivar Tennessee 38008 I wanted you guys to call me Mom whatever you guys want

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