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Mr. Brown

Mr. LeRoy Brown is a flamboyant Baptist deacon his late-70s (he graduated from high school in 1953: source Madea's Class Reunion) He is a dimwitted church deacon who's very proud of being saved. He is widowed. Mr. Brown has a brother and a sister, and is father to daughter Cora Simmons. Cora's mother is said to be "Madea" Simmons (Tyler Perry), with whom Mr. Brown had a one-night stand. Brown is caring and giving, and his simple mix-up of words often leaves people in stitches, and proves to be the running gag of the show, though Cora is famous for correcting his mispronunciations. He is shown to be over-protective of Cora when she begins dating, making it appear as if it's her first time, thus, questioning the existence of her daughters who have appeared in the plays, and also, any past relationship, if any, with their "unnamed" father. He finds out he and Ms. Daisy are descents of a Afro-White family who moved to Paris during their interracial marriage. Mr. Brown is a widower. He briefly dates Shirley (Family Matters' Jo Marie Payon) the PE teacher at the school Cora (and later himself) work at, until he suspects she is a goldigger and breaks up with her. Mr. Brown despises Edna Barnes and is overjoyed when she and the Colonel move out. However, he and the Colonel are good friends. He thinks Miss Daisy LaRue is a crazy old lady, until he finds out that they are distant cousins and the two become close (at least for a time). Mr. Brown acted as a father figure to his nephew, Will and is shown to have a good relationship with Will's wife, Sasha. Mr. Brown has a strange relationship with Joaquin and Brianna, it is shown that he cares for the childrenm but is hardly ever shown spending time with them and often gets on to Brianna. Mr. Brown's relationship with London is a rivalrious one, and they often compete for the spotlight (i.e. Meet the Browns episode #2 Meet London & The Competition). Mr. Brown is seen not to have much of a relationship with Jesus, other than believing he is gay, and fires him in one episode to save money. Mr. Brown also has a frenemy relationship with neighborhood hobo Benny, the Bum, who appears in 2 episodes. Mr. Brown often reminds people of his Christianity, but often shows ungodly behavior (I.e. jealousy). However, Mr. Brown is a big softie at heart.